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1 Year, 100 Books Challenge: Paranormalcy

Ok, this may be broken soon but I am attempting to read 100 books this year, and review as many as I can. See more info on this challenge here

Book Number: 2
Title: Paranormalcy
Author: Kiersten White
Date of Completion: 2/1/2012
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

I think Paranormalcy is a really good debut for a new author. All the main characters are well fleshed out and (apart from the fact that majority were mythical) fairly believable. The size of the book is appropriate for its content and the plot is also quite good. I have also read the sequel and it is also good. Also, the cover is purdy... 

Why I Read it:  Well, I've been seeing this around for a while and after putting it off for a while, I picked this up.

Summary: Evie would like to think of herself as ordinary, but working in the IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency) and being the only human who can see through the glamours of the paranormals, makes her far from normal. Kicking paranormal butts is her job, but after a shapeshifter breaks in to IPCA and paranormals start being found dead, Evie's world is about to be turned upside down.

The Characters: 
Evie - Evie is a great female lead for the YA market. Unlike most of them Evie didn't whine over the bad things that happened her and what she doesn't have, she acknowledges the bad and has wants (but these wants are understandable, e.g. wanting to be a normal teen). She's cute, funny and witty without being over-snarky like some. Some might find her cutesy-ness a little too much though with her love of all things pink, and Tasey, I know I did sometimes, but it's not that big a deal. 

Lend - There's not much to say about him, but he becomes quite dull and less interesting when Evie stops caring about what he is and starts liking him (cos then there is no mystery) I do like his personality and yay, because he's and artist! 

Reth - Is scary, ok pretty much I dislike him and he gives me the creeps. Sure he was trying to help Evie, but it was only to reach his own ends. Despite all this he makes a good addition to Paranormalcy. Aprilynne Pike's review "The two sexy paranormals who vie for Evie's affections each had their own victory; one won Evie's heart and the other won mine" (quote taken from inside cover) kinda weirded me out. I mean sure one of Pike's characters (and clearly her favourite love interest) Tamani was also a smexy, douchy faerie whose justification for why the girl should pick him was all about him, with little to no doubt that the girl could resist, who helps the girl so that she will accept him (I hate love interests like that, there's too many of them), but, Reth was a whole different story (I mean seriously that guy is a CREEPER). Unless Reth does some major changes in the next books I see no reason why he should ever win out of Evie's love interests. He does however look like a hot anime guy, WOOT for hot anime guys!! 

Racquel - Although appearing stern and business-like, I found myself really caring about her and I think she has left a better impression on me than any of the boys did. After Evie left I found myself wondering how Racquel was doing constantly and I was upset to find that there was no proper closure on her in the ending (next book maybe?). I like how her relationship with Evie is sometimes business, sometimes family. 

Vivian - Vivian made quite a good villain. She had depth and a personality (not a Why I am I evil? BECAUSE I AM!! type of thing) and I like how she reflected Evie but still was different. Her backstory was a good one because you could tell that this could've been the way Evie turned out. She was similar to Evie with a little less cutesy and more spunky, more knowledge of her powers, and a more snarky attitude. 

Alisha (Lish) and Arianna - They are seperate and all but I felt that Arianna was becoming the new Lish. Lish was great: she was funny, smart, she auto-bleeped, lived in an aquarium and was a totally loyal best friend. I really wished I could've seen more of her and I felt as if she left too early in the book. Arianna began as the kind off Rosalie-esque character and then after bonding over Easton Heights with Evie they become friends, I personally think she is too similar to Lish but luckily she is not a constant BFF to Evie otherwise she would get annoying but other than that these two are both great. 

Others - I really don't have much to say about the rest of the supporting cast other than Cresseda and her relationships to other people was a little weird. The rest were all decent. 

The Plot: The plot of Paranormalcy is relatively well done. Although I felt that the pacing could have been a little better (not that big a deal though). This book features a lot of different types of paranormals and unlike in other books, especially Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments Series, this was justifiable because Paranormalcy was all about paranormals where as The Mortal Instruments was mainly about Shadowhunters yet they included majority of other mythical creature (and it seemed like too much). 

The Writing: The voice used in this novel allows you to get in her head and understand who she is without being too much for the people who like third person most, but fine for the people who will forgive the lack of plot if the voice is enjoyable (that's why I love Meg Cabot's works). And unlike most people the voice isn't a "I swear every 2 sentences+" because that's how real teenagers talk. The writing's just fresh and fun

Recommendation: Female teens who don't care if their books aren't literature. Great for the female reluctant readers.

Quote: "Are you going to kill me?"
“Why does everyone keep asking me that?" Seriously, did I look like some sort of pyscho assassin? Maybe it was the pink sneakers. Or the heart earrings?”

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