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1 Year, 100 Books Challenge: The Changeover

This book is my 4th review and book in my 1 Year, 100 Books Challenge. To see more information on this challenge and how I will be going about it click here.  

Book Number: 4
Title: The Changeover
Date of Completition: 4/1/2012
Rating: 3.5 stars

The plot wasn't too great but it was better than the only other Margaret Mahy book that I've read Kaitangata Twitch. Also the cover of this book (well the edition I had at least's) was kind of creepy and ugly, but the illustrations inside were pretty cool, they all looked like carved wood sculptures. 

Why I Read It: When I decided to read Kaitangata Twitch, I also decided to try out one of Mahy's more well-known works, The Changeover.

After receiving a warning in the mirror Laura, knows something bad is going to happen. But when her little brother Jacko falls gravely ill after being stamped by the mysterious Carmody Braque. Laura soon finds that the only way to save him is to go through a irreversible transformation, to embrace the supernatural powers hidden in her.

The Characters: 
Laura - Our 14 years old main character is likeable enough, caring , thoughtful and plain but she's also sensitive to any mystical things around her. I like how she looks out for her family but clearly isn't a Mary-Sue. I could also feel the chemistry between her and Sorry. Sometimes I forgot what age she was meant to be, so that was annoying 

Sorry Carlisle - At first I didn't like this (probably 17 yr old) guy, but he grew on me. My reaction was kind of like: giant naked lady poster in his room = not impressed, naked lady poster with small photo of Laura attached to it = creepycreepycreepycreepyCREEPY! and when Laura asked him if he was a virgin and he said no, I was like great another romance with a innocent girl and an older, experienced creeptastic male >.> great.. but after his totally cool backstory I started liking this guy, luckily this wasn't too romancey otherwise I probably wouldn't of liked him. 

Miryam and Winter Carlisle - They played their parts quite well, and I was glad that most of Sorry's backstory was told from Miryam's POV. Miryam seemed motherly enough while Winter had her creepy witch moments (but fortunately there wasn't too many of them). 

Others - I have very little to say about the rest of the characters. Carmody Braque succeeded in being a creeptastic villain who also talks funny. I found it a bit weird that Laura addresses her mum by her first name, I don't actually know what it's like in a divorced family but she does live with her and she is the biological parent so yeah. Also the babysitters name was hilarious: Mrs Fangboner, hahahaha Fangboner! heehee.

The Plot: 
The plot was too amazing or interesting and it could've gone much deeper. I found it weird that **SPOILERS AHEAD:** Carmody Braque was defeated by being stamped by a stamp gained when changing over. **END SPOILERS** But it was well pulled off. 

The Writing: 
The writing fleshed out the somewhat-lacking plot of this novel. It made Jack's illness seem more dangerous and urgent. And the detailed descriptions during Laura's changeover were fantastic, I loved them. 

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