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1 Year, 100 Books Challenge: Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus

This is a review for my 1 Year, 100 Books Challenge. For more info visit here.

Book Number: 8
Title: Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus
Author: Kate O'Hearn
Date of Completion: 12/1/2012
Rating: 4 stars

Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus by Kate O'Hearn is the sequel to Pegasus and the Flame and if you haven't read my review for that read it here, because I don't want to repeat stuff.

Why I Read it: I liked the first book

Olympus has been freed from the Nirads and rebuilt, and Emily is struggling with the new powers she has gained as the Flame of Olympus and decides to go and  rescue her father with Joel, Paelen and Cupid. Along the way they run into more Nirads who are being led by Chrysoar (a flying boar) and discover that the Nirads aren't finished with their attack on Olympus and the real reason behind the attack.

The Characters:
Emily - Stayed pretty much the same as she was at the end of Pegasus and the Flame. She's got some new troubles now because of her new status. She didn't have as much action as I wanted her to have, since she kept on being left behind at the Red Apple with Pegs while the rest of the gang is going on missions. She's still a great heroine that is compassionate, caring, and likeable.

Joel - Joel has really grown since the start of the 1st book, he no longer has anger management issues, and is more caring, brave and observant. He is really quite an asset for the team now.

Cupid - Although I missed Diana, Cupid made quite a good addition to the team. I liked how he was a teenager rather than a little cherub (I did not pick up this book to read about babysitting adventures!). He was funny (in a laugh at him kind of way), I don't know about anyone else but I find it funny in TV shows and animes when there is this one really hot character who everyone else just swoons and acts all squee-ish and stupid around and this hot guy/girl can kind of manipulate them to get his way (Justin from Total Drama, Aido from Vampire Knight), well Cupid was one of those kind of characters. I liked how he could charm people into falling head-over-heels in love with him, and that made Agent T totally funny too. Cupid was quite a wimp at times though.

Paelen - He's still the same cool guy as he was at the end of the previous book, I like how he gets into fights with Cupid.

The Nirads - It's great that the Nirads got some more screen time in this book. I liked their depth and their backstory, Tange and Segan were totally sweet and awesome. I still can't 
properly visualize any Nirads in colours other than grey, black, white, and pale green. 

The Gorgons - I thought it was great that the Nirads had a reason to attack the Olympians rather than the emotionless killing machines that they seemed to be. The gorgons have an actual reason for wanting to destroy the Olympians. It was also good that people don't turn into stone when they look at them but the Gorgons can choose to turn them into stone when they want to.

Others - It's great that Diana makes a cameo appearance in this since she can't be part of the main cast. Jupiter and Neptune also behave like I would expect them to.

The Plot:
The plot of this story was a good continuation of the plot of Pegasus and the Flame. It flowed well, was coherent and was interesting. It was great to see more of Olympus in this book, especially now that it had been rebuilt and all. It was also interesting to see the world of the Nirads.

The Writing:
The writing stayed pretty much the same as it was in Pegasus and the Flame, so it wasn't much to comment on, but it was fine.

If you liked the first book, then read this.

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