Sunday, 8 January 2012

1 Year, 100 Books Challenge: About

In 2012, I SpasticSquirrel will be attempting to read 100 books in only a year. I will be reviewing as many of these as I can. My first year in college and many other things may stop me, but regardless I will try to complete this challenge and you can follow my reading adventures right here, or on my Goodreads account which will be a bit more up to date. This challenge was inspired by the challenge that Lonks took on SparkLife. Fictional books only, mangas (picture books and comics do not count), plays do not count (aside from Shakespeare which is considered so literaturey that people forget they are even plays, also they take a while to absorb), reading short books also don't count, all books must be roughly 200+ pages. Books assigned from school do count provided they fit in with the guidelines above (yes I did make them up based on what I thought would be fair). 

All reviews for this challenge will be titled "1 Year, 100 Books Challenge: <insert book title>". All spoilers will be warned with either large bold writing or <hide spoilers>. The layout for my 1 Year, 100 Books Challenge reviews will be as follows:

Introduction: Me talking about the book in general/why it took me so long to update/date which i finished this book/which number book, etc.

General Info: (not available on Goodreads version)
Book Number:
Date of Completion:
Rating: Out of 5 stars

Why I Read it: Reason for reading (on Goodreads this will be the 'Recommended to SpasticSquirrel by' section)

Summary: Plot summary and genre of this book. This will not be on the Goodreads version of my review as the blurbs of the books can already be viewed

The Characters: I will be talking about my reactions to the characters individually or in pairs.

The Plot: My review and feelings towards the plot (different to summary)

The Writing: My review of the writing style and editing of the book.

Other: Optional. Any other comments about this book.

Recommendation: Who I recommend it too, assuming I actually recommend it to someone. (On Goodreads it will be in the 'Recommends it for' section.

Quotes: Optional. Quotes from the novel

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