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1 Year, 100 Books Challenge: Supernaturally

This is my 7th review for my 1 Year, 100 Books Challenge for more information about how I'm going about it click here.

Book Number: 7
Title: Supernaturally
Author: Kiersten White
Date of Completion: 10/1/2012
Rating: 4 stars

Supernaturally by Kiersten White is quite good for a sequel, in most trilogies and short series' the second book is always the wort, but Supernaturally, I felt, managed to stay on par with the first one, Paranormalcy which is not too common (because most are either noticeably better, or noticeably worse not at the same level of good-ness). I've already said most of this in my review of Paranormalcy and I'm not going to say them all again, so if you haven't already read it here's a link to my review of Paranormalcy. Waiting to get my hands on Endlessly, the cover is sooo purdy ^-^ yeah I'm a cover-whore.

Why I Read it: I liked the first one

After leaving the IPCA, Evie's finding out that normal life isn't what Easton Heights hyped it up to be. In fact, at the moment kicking paranormals' butts sounds far more appealing, but with Racquel returning to the scene with a new job offer back at the IPCA, this could be a reality. Meanwhile Evie is building a wall of lies between her and Lend, and a whole new cast of (totally different) characters is messing things up elsewhere.

The Characters:
Evie - Has pretty much stayed the same as she was in the previous book, but she is quite confused on how to react with the IPCA vs David's group battle, her boyfriend troubles and whether she should join the IPCA again. She's still fun and fresh to read about.

Jack - I reckon Jack was a really good addition to the cast of the Paranormalcy series, a human who can use and control the Faerie Paths, yay! He was funny and excited and reminded me of some uber excitable, happy, cute anime guy with a more serious side, aka the type of anime guy who nearly always becomes my favourite character (Momiji from Fruits Basket, Takuma from Vampire Knight, etc). **SPOILERS AHEAD:** I totally should of seen that Jack was really the bad guy, it wasn't too hard to spot but I don't come into books making predictions all the way, it just ruins my enjoyment of the book **END SPOILERS**

Lend - Suffered from something that I find happens to many love interests a a while after they and the lead girl actually start going out. Before they start going out you're like 'They are so sweet! and cute! and awesome! they should just get together already!" and during the 1st few weeks of their relationship you're like "Kyaaa!! They got together! They be even cuter now" and then in the following book you're like "You know, I totally adored this couple before but now their conversations go like: 3 sentences each, makes out, 2 more sentences, more makes out >.> - and that's what its like for most of their interactions in the book".

Racquel - She came back!!! and she's still pretty much the same, and that's the way I liked her. She's still business, but still like a mother to Evie. Racquel is probably my favourite character.

Arianna - In this book, Arianna becomes even closer to Evie, which is great, and in this book she was given more depth so she didn't seem like a second Lish. Her backstory was great, and I like how she's still awesome friends with Evie but they have their fallouts, so its not like insta-BFFs.

Other - The rest of the characters were decent. I like how Carlee is becoming Evie's friend in school, and how David isn't like a saint anymore because he likes paranormals but isn't with the IPCA, and uber-vamp succeeded in being totally creepy. It's totally weird that Vivian is becoming the buddy that Evie turns to when she doesn't know who to talk to.

The Plot: The plot was decent, I liked how the glamorous image of normal lifestyle that Evie built up is being deflated. And the wall of lies that Evie built between she and her boyfriend was also really good for the plot. It's really interesting when Evie visits the Faerie Realms too.

The Writing: Is pretty much the same as in the last one, so if you haven't the review I wrote for that, do it.

Recommendation: If you liked Paranormalcy, then read it (and seriously don't read them in the wrong order)

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