Saturday, 26 January 2013

Review ALL the Books: About

In 2013, I SpasticSquirrel will be attempting to review every book I read this year. My first year in college and many other things may stop me, but regardless I will try to complete this challenge and you can follow my reading adventures right here, or on my Goodreads account which will be a bit more up to date. Fictional books, mangas and written plays only. Books assigned from school also count.

All reviews for this challenge will be titled "Review ALL the Books: <insert book title>". All spoilers will be warned with either large bold writing or <hide spoilers>. The layout for my Review ALL the Books Challenge reviews is pretty much the same as it was in my previous 1 Year, 100 Books Challenge but I'll give you a recap (given the short size of mangas and plays their reviews won't follow this format and be 1-2 paragraphs long):

Book Cover: Will be of the edition I have read.

Introduction: Me talking about the book in general, why it took me so long to update, etc.

General Info: (not available on Goodreads version)
Book Number:
Date of Completion:
Rating: Out of 5 stars

Why I Read it: Reason for reading (on Goodreads this will be the 'Recommended to SpasticSquirrel by' section)

Summary: Plot summary and genre of this book. This will not be on the Goodreads version of my review as the blurbs of the books can already be viewed.

The Characters: I will be talking about my reactions to the characters individually, in groups or as others.

The Plot: My review and feelings towards the plot (different to summary)

The Writing: My review of the writing style and editing of the book.

Other: Optional. Any other comments about this book.

Recommendation: Who I recommend it too, assuming I actually recommend it to someone. (On Goodreads it will be in the 'Recommends it for' section.)

Quotes: Optional. Quotes from the novel. (on Goodreads you can view the quotes I've liked when you 'see review')

Unrelated Extra: Optional. Some unrelated cool thing that I have been getting into recently and wish to share.

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